Warehousing and logistics

Modern and secure 3PL warehouse storage and services

In addition to standard fulfillment house services, we have cross docking / flow-through distribution which allows for quick turnaround of B2B merchandise. Orders are readied for immediate shipment to retail stores, often the same day as the merchandise comes into the warehouse. This can significantly reduce warehouse and distribution costs.

Granada can store your seasonal items, top-sellers, and subscription merchandise. This will free up space in your own warehouse as well as ensure speedy processing of orders in periods of high-volume.

We have contracts with all the leading carriers (for example Posten/Bring, Porterbuddy, DHL, Postnord, door-to-door). We’re here to help you find the most favorable solutions, and you are free to choose the carrier that best suits your needs.


Les kundehistorien om hvordan vi hjelper Varri AS her

Who: Granada AS and Varri AS

What: Intermediate storage, cross-docking and dispatch

Varri AS is a Norwegian distributor for leading brands in climbing and outdoor equipment, work, and rescue products. After they grew out of their own warehouses, they wanted a partner who could take care of B2B orders in Norway so that they could focus on sales and product testing. As many of their product lines are seasonal, flexibility and the ability to handle sales peaks were essential to success.

Granada unloads shipping containers, picks and processes the B2B orders and sends with the agreed upon carrier. We act as a hub for cross-docking and retail order fulfillment.

From the first meeting with Granada, they were both professional, service-minded and pleasant. The pride was in the walls as it should be in a family business. The collaboration with Granada has been under constant development and they have been ver solution-oriented and service-minded. The communication regarding weekly operations runs naturally and easily. So far there are no challenges, small or large, they have not solved for us. Their clear strengths are good communication, service attitude and adaptability with the customer’s needs in focus.
– Joachim Wille, Logistikk- og systemansvarlig, Varri AS