Customer service

Multi-channel dialogue throughout the customer journey

We ensure that your customers are met in a professional, timely manner in their preferred channel of communication. Our experienced CS specialists can be there for your customers so that you can concentrate on other business processes. All of our projects are assigned a dedicated, hands-on project manager that will work proactively to improve customer experience and streamline processes. Our omnichannel contact center platform allows our team to manage web chat, telephones, email, text messages and social media in one system. We can be your first line of support or your overflow partner.


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Who?: Granada AS and Bubbleroom

What?: Granada provides customer service for Bubbleroom’s Norwegian customers

Granada handles all contact points for incoming customer inquiries, including orders, support, invoice, product guidance and general questions.

Our agents have been trained in Bubbleroom’s philosophy and mindset. This is reflected in alle dialogue with the end customer. Granada resolves all customer service inquiries for Bubbleroom, and provides feedback on possible adjustments that can improve the customer experience.


Bubbleroom has had its Norwegian customer service at Granada since 2011 and our experience is that Granada always does the best & puts the customer in focus!

The level of service is always on top & Granada does everything to satisfy the customer. They find solutions & suggestions for improvement all the time!

The collaboration has always worked great & Granada is a fantastic family business with their heart in the right place ❤ ”                                                                                          – Anna Bäck, Customer Experience Manager, Bubbleroom