Pick, pack and delivery

Precise and efficient order fulfillment and delivery

We have worked as a third-party logistics partner for over 35 years with clients from a broad range of industries. We have logistics expertise and can advise and implement the best and most economical freight alternatives for your products. We pick orders using digital picklists (tablets and scanners) and carefully package in accordance with your wishes. All the leading carriers do pick-ups from us daily, and all available transport solutions are already integrated in our WMS. The choice is yours.


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Who: Granada AS and Haypp Group

What: Pick, pack and distribution of orders to the Norwegian market

Haypp Group is a Scandinavian company with a growing online store business that was entering into Norwegian market. In the start-up phase, they looked for a collaboration with a local 3PL partner who could operate as their link into the Norwegian market, with good capacity to handle large order quantities and who had agreements with a wide range of carriers. In addition, the 3PL partner had to have access to a large warehouse, as the turnover speed would be high and the product assortment was extensive. Flexibility was essential, as one did not know how the development would unfold.

Through the integration with the online store and Granada’s WMS, the client and customers have access to order and tracking information as well as inventory status. Granada performs third-party logistics services such as order handling, shipping and delivery with the desired carrier. The customer can choose standard mail, express or same-day delivery through our partners Posten / Bring, PorterBuddy and Instabox.

Since entering into the partnership at the end of 2017, Haypp Group has experienced tremendous growth, and we are delighted to have been part of the upscaling from 0 to over 5,000 orders daily. This has given us unique expertise in facilitating and executing growth, and our infrastructure and the digital tools we use have undergone a full transformation.

«Granada is a local and very customer-focused supplier who gives us fast deliveries to our customers. They have also managed our fast growth without sacrificing neither speed nor quality in our deliveries. We are very pleased with Granada as a provider of logistics services in Norway.»
– Jonas Kolehmainen, Chief Logistics Officer, Haypp Group