Integrations for Ecommerce

Seamless order transactions between your online store and our fulfillment house and 3PL services


Our WMS (warehouse management system) can easily be integrated with your store solution. These integrations give a two-way flow of order information which allows you and your end-customers to see stock balance, order status, and tracking numbers.

Your store administrators can have access to our WMS for running reports as well as overseeing all products, orders and deliveries in real-time. This ensures an open and transparent partnership.

Your orders can be picked ang packed by our warehouse staff the same day. We use scanners and electronic receipts for effective and precise order fulfilment.


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Who?: Granada AS and Pickles AS

What?: Integration with the Pickles online store as well as pick/pack and distribution of orders to the Scandinavian market

Pickles was started as a hobby blog to share knitting ideas with others who loved the pastime. It has developed into a strong player in yarn and knitting materials both nationally and internationally.

In the expansion phase, the client wanted a collaboration that simplified their workday with a partner who could take care of all the tasks that stole time from the ladies’ great passion for yarn and knitting. The choice fell on Granada because of shared values and credible references.

The Pickles online store and Granada’s WMS are fully integrated. Each order is automatically sent to our warehouse system, and we pack and prepare shipments with the desired carrier. Order confirmations and tracking numbers are sent to customers and the stock numbers are updated in both systems. Orders that require proforma invoice are handled according to export guidelines.  

We can thankfully say that we have a satisfied client and a successful, long lasting collaboration.

«After we moved our warehouse to Granada and let them take care of packing and logistics, we really forgot the whole thing. Very nice to have someone who solves every problem and makes sure that everything is delivered to our customers on time. Now we have time to work on what we need to. » – Anna Enge, Pickles AS