Returns processing

Efficient and timely handling of returns ensures an optimal sales experience for your customers

Quick and efficient processing of returns is an essential part of the online shopping experience. Customers expect swift transactions, whether it be a refund, new items or a response from customer service. When handled correctly, a return can increase customer loyalty and result in higher sales. We operate as a return hub and help our international clients with quality checks, registering the returns in their systems as well as cost-effective bulk return to the client’s main warehouse for resale. All services are tailored to your needs. Online stores with warehouses outside of Norway can drastically cut freight costs related to returns by sending in bulk from our warehouse.


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What?: Check, process, and re-pack returned items; coordinate the return of products back to the main warehouse.

RevolutionRace AB is a Swedish supplier of high-quality, outdoor clothing that was created to revolutionize the “overpriced” outdoor clothing industry. The growth has been enormous and we are pleased to see the development Pernilla and Niclas have had with their company.
RevolutionRace sells directly to the customer via the online store and send out from the main warehouse and Granada helps them with the return handling from the Norwegian market back to Sweden.
Our returns department registers incoming returns directly in the client’s system, processes them based on predetermined criteria, and prepares them for bulk shipment back to the main warehouse. Items that cannot be resold are sorted accordingly. The collaboration has contributed to increased customer loyalty and reduced processing time. RevolutionRace has gotten product and customer information much faster into their systems, which has helped them to better serve their Norwegian customers while freeing up internal resources. RevolutionRace’s shipping costs for returns have dropped significantly.

«Granada has handled our returns in Norway since the start, and has always provided excellent customer service. They have helped us streamline return handling, saved shipping costs and given us an immediate overview of our warehouse, so that we can deliver better and faster to our customers. You are fantastic!»
– Betty Nordin, returansvarlig, RevolutionRace AB