Insight and analysis

Deeper understanding of your customers and their needs

Understanding what your customers need and want is crucial to your business’ success.
To provide the best possible customer service experience, we track and map all enquiry topics in all channels. These reports are sent to our clients on regular intervals and make it very clear which topics are trending at the time. We work together with our clients to use these findings to improve website- and customer information, as well as for business and product development. We set up the enquiries and reports using your preferred KPI’s.
Our market research tools and services measure customer satisfaction and ensure the best possible customer service journeys. These insights provide invaluable data that can be used to improve public perception and increase customer loyalty. Surveys can be sent for example via a text message after a call, and with a follow-up e-mail.



Read the about how we help Redningsselskapet here

Who?:   Granada AS and Redningsselskapet (Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue )

What?: Customer Service as well as Insight and Analysis

The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (Redningsselskapet) saves lives at sea and operates the Small Boat Registry, which is Norway’s official boat register. Granada performs customer service by telephone for Redningsselskapet and the Small Boat Registry. We answer invoice questions, membership and boat ownership inquiries as well as application status. In addition, Granada delivers insight reports at the desired intervals, which provides insight into the topics that are trending at the moment. These reports are used to optimize Redningsselskapet’s services and processes, as well as plan for further development.

The collaboration has lasted since their inception in 2005, and it is with the greatest humility that we have been a part of this journey.

Granada is a partner that we at Redningsselskapet (Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue ) have worked with all the way back to 2005. They know our organization well, and know what requirements and expectations we have for them. They have good expertise in our products and services, and help us offer good and fast customer care by phone all year round. Among other things, they answer some of our member inquiries and questions about registrations and ongoing cases in the Småbåtregisteret (Small Boat Registry).– Kjetil Skjørstadhaug, Redningsselskapet